This mysterious gin is the result of carefully weaving together exotic botanicals, regionally sourced products exotic botanicals. Contortionist’s light body and subtle flavor makes it great for mixing into a variety of cocktails and and put an intriguing twist on your evening.

Transcend the world of ordinary drinks and enter the Backwards Realm, where amazing sensations await you with every sip. Through carefully orchestrated chaos, we bring together the finest ingredients and create small batches of spectacular spirits.

On the Nose: Contortionist Gin has a bright and lively aroma with notes of pine balanced with fresh citrus and a complex bouquet of floral and herbal aroma.

On the Palate: Forward notes of lemon peel and crisp fresh pine. The juniper is apparent but not overwhelming, balanced out by the citrus and floral notes. There is a gentle undertone of vanilla and sweetness which gives this gin an approachable flavor profile.

Finish: Very bright and fresh with a predominant herbaceous and citrus flavor followed by a hint of fresh pine.


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