Family owned and operated, Backwards Distilling Company was founded in 2014 in Mills, Wyoming by the Pollock Family. Since then, we have expanded our distillery and opened our downtown Casper Tasting Room.


What do we mean when we say we are a “craft” distillery?

The word craft can mean a lot of different things. It can conjure a perception of hands on processes and doing things the right way, of creators putting their passion into their work, of small scale production in a modern world where so many things are mass produced. When you pull back the curtain on “craft” brands, you’ll find their operations align with the craft image their brand conjures to varying degrees. With some, you’ll find the exact scale and type of production you imagine, with others you might be surprised to find that their practices don’t match with the perceptions their brand evokes. We want to pull back our curtain for you, to show you exactly what we mean when we claim the title of craft.


Small batch distillation

We make our products one batch at a time giving all of our attention to each step of the process, even when we’re stuck with the overnight shift. Depending on the product, each batch makes between 300-400 bottles. We are hands on through every part of the process giving us maximum opportunity to ensure quality at each step.


Traditional techniques

We emphasize traditional spirit making techniques in our work.  We don’t cut corners.  If something needs time, we give it time. We’re constantly scrutinizing our product through samples, but really, it’s not as fun as it sounds. We always prioritize flavor and quality over convenience and efficiency. MORE EXAMPLES HERE.


A commitment to learning

We never stop seeking new information from experts in this field. The distilling industry is made up of some highly talented people who we get to call friends. They are very generous with their time and expertise and we strive to connect ourselves with this community of artisans as often as we can to get ideas, improve our methods, and share information.


When we say we are a craft distillery, this is what we mean. The quality of our product is a direct result of these practices. It’s about the passion, the time, and the thought that goes into each bottle that defines our craft.