Family owned and operated, Backwards Distilling Company was founded in 2014 in Mills, Wyoming by the Pollock Family. Since then, we have expanded our distillery and opened our downtown Casper Tasting Room.


Quality takes center stage at Backwards but creating world-class distilled spirits is no small feat! We commit ourselves to each step of the process to ensure we are creating show-stopping spirits. We have three areas we focus on to achieve this.

  1. Quality ingredients- A product is only as good as its raw ingredients. We work directly with our suppliers to ensure we are getting excellent quality raw materials. We’ve been known to deliberate during family dinners over material quality and it’s time well spent. We focus on getting materials locally when possible, Wyoming is full of corn and sugar, and when it’s not, we source the best quality we can, thanks Montana and Louisiana!
  2. Quality equipment- We went all out when it came to investing in our equipment. We have two beautiful stills, both built custom for us by top-notch manufacturers.  Our big still “Jumbo” is a 200L Kothe pot column hybrid still from Germany and our botanical still “Flea” is a 200 gallon Vendome still. Can you believe they came with those names? What are the chances….
  3. Quality education- We are constantly seeking out opportunities to deepen our knowledge of our craft. One of our owners sits on a national craft spirits board to keep us connected and we attend as many conferences, webinars, and training sessions we can keep up with. As this industry grows, so too grows the body of information we have access to. We are proud to continue a commitment to improving our processes to improve our products, creating new flavors, and expanding our offerings.